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Senate Republicans release healthcare bill that will affect coverage for millions

Following quite a while of mystery transactions, the US Senate has discharged its draft of a bill that could overturn the human services framework for many Americans. The Senate’s 142-page proposition, divulged on Thursday, would dispense with or lessen scratch benefits gave by Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act; bring down …

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Theresa May pledges mental health revolution will reduce detentions

  Theresa May will pledge to scrap the “faulty” Mental Health Act, cautioning that it’s enabled the unnecessary detention of tens of thousands of individuals and failed to take care of discrimination against ethnic minority patients. In an endeavor to satisfy her vow to prioritise mental illness throughout her premiership, …

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The Innovation Health Care Really Needs: Help People Manage Their Own Health

  In the end, healthcare, that has been mostly immune to the forces of disruptive innovation, is starting to change. Seeing the capacity to increase health with easy primary-care strategies, a number of the greatest incumbent players are encouraging new entrants focused on enabling consumers in their highly controlled ecosystems, …

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